Upfront and out front on mental illness with education, support,

and services


Mental illnesses:

Affect one in four people in the United States

Can affect people at any time in life

Are treatable.

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NAMI Wakulla Connection - A free-of-charge weekly support group conducted BY people diagnosed with mental illness FOR people diagnosed with mental illness.

NAMI Wakulla Family-to-Family - a free-of-charge support group for family members and friends of people diagnosed with mental illnesses. Support group members are graduates of NAMI's Family-to-Family 12-week education program

What is Family-to-Family? Family-to-Family is a 12-week series of classes for family members of adults with serious and persistent mental illness, as well as those whose behaviors suggest a diagnosis of mental illness. The course is designed to help families with facts about the challenges of brain disorders and find support, resources, and coping strategies. The course is free.

What is the format? The format meets 12 weeks, two and one-half hours per week. The course uses a combination of lecture, interactive exercises and group processes.

What is the curriculum? Brain biology, schizophrenia, major depression, mania and schizoaffective disorder, mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorders, dual diagnosis, basics about the brain, problem-solving skills, medication review, empathy and understanding, communication skills, self-care, recovery, advocacy, review and evaluation.

Who can take Family-to-Family? The Family-to-Family course is designed for families, friends or partners of persons with serious brain disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder; families with a teenager with a serious emotional disturbance are also welcome. "Families" includes parents, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandsons, cousins and extended family including significant others and nontraditional families. Consumers who have a family member with mental illness may take the course and professionals who have a family member with mental illness may also take the course.

How are teachers trained? Family members who have completed the Family-to-Family course attend a training session sponsored by NAMI Florida. The training consists of a rigorous 3-day workshop and ends with a certification process. The training is free to prospective teachers.

What does it cost to take the course? Family-to-Family is offered at no cost to the participant and class materials, such as manuals, notebooks, and handouts are provided by NAMI Wakulla. Family-to-Family material is copyrighted by NAMI and may not be reproduced or used without written permission from Dr. Joyce Burland. NAMI Fact Sheets may be reproduced for distribution.